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Chase Chrisley, born on June 1, 1996, is best recognized for his recurring role on the reality TV show ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’ Chase was born and raised in South Carolina, USA, the son of wealthy real estate mogul Todd Chrisley and his wife, Julie. He has four siblings, and his family’s extravagant lifestyle and entertaining dynamics became the subject of the USA Network’s reality show, which first aired in 2014.

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Full Name Chase Chrisley
Date of Birth June 1, 1996
Birthplace South Carolina, USA
Profession Reality TV Star, Entrepreneur
Famous For Appearance in the reality TV show, ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’
Parents Todd Chrisley (Father), Julie Chrisley (Mother)
Siblings Savannah Chrisley (Sister), Lindsie Chrisley (Sister), Grayson Chrisley (Brother), Kyle Chrisley (Brother)
Education Details regarding Chase Chrisley’s education aren’t widely available, though he reportedly attended a local school in South Carolina.
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Net Worth Approximately $2 million as of 2023
Business Ventures Owner of the “Chrisley Collection,” a candle company
Social Media Influence Significant presence on Instagram, where he endorses brands and promotes sponsored content
Controversies His parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley, were indicted on tax evasion charges in 2019. Chase wasn’t personally involved but the family’s financial situation was temporarily affected
Personal Life Chase has been in several public relationships, a lot of which were featured on their reality TV show. His relationships have often been a talking point for the media
Philanthropic Work Involved in several charitable endeavors, including initiatives for the less fortunate
Future Prospects Expected to continue appearing on ‘Chrisley Knows Best’, secure more brand partnerships, and expand his business ventures

Chase Chrisley Social Accounts

Social Media Platform Account
Instagram @chasechrisley
Twitter @ChrisleyChase
Facebook Chase Chrisley (Verified Public Figure account)

Rising to Stardom: ‘Chrisley Knows Best’

The reality show, ‘Chrisley Knows Best,’ revolves around the life of Chase’s father, Todd Chrisley, a successful entrepreneur with a lavish lifestyle. The show provides an entertaining, comedic insight into the lives of the Chrisley family, who live in a wealthy suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Chase Chrisley gained fame for his charming, mischievous, and sometimes rebellious, persona on the show.

Chase, along with his family members, received a considerable income from the reality show, which has run for more than ten seasons. He was always candid about his luxury life on the show, sharing his experiences about his expensive hobbies and high-end lifestyle.

Business Ventures

Apart from his earnings from ‘Chrisley Knows Best,’ Chase Chrisley’s net worth also reflects his entrepreneurial pursuits. He has embarked on various business ventures like his candle company called “Chrisley Collection.” These ventures provide a substantial supplement to his income and demonstrate his ability to leverage his fame and brand for successful enterprises.

Media Presence and Endorsements

In the world of reality television, stars often significantly boost their income with social media endorsements and brand partnerships. Chase Chrisley is no exception. With a robust following on Instagram, he regularly posts sponsored content and promotions. His charisma and popularity have made him an attractive brand ambassador. These partnerships contribute significantly to his wealth.

Controversies and Legal Battles

However, it hasn’t always been a smooth journey for the young reality TV star. In August 2019, Todd and Julie Chrisley were indicted on tax evasion charges, which they denied, claiming they were victims of a disgruntled ex-employee. While these legal battles did put a temporary halt on the family’s sources of income, it didn’t significantly diminish Chase’s personal net worth.

Personal Life

Chase’s personal life is also a major point of interest for fans, given his on-and-off relationships featured on ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’ He has dated several women publicly, and his romantic entanglements often make the headlines, adding to his celebrity status.


Apart from his businesses and showbiz career, Chase Chrisley is also known for his philanthropy. He has been involved in several charitable endeavors, including initiatives for the less fortunate, following in the philanthropic footsteps of his father. His philanthropy not only enhances his public image but also denotes a sense of social responsibility despite his privileged upbringing.

Chase Chrisley’s Net Worth

Considering Chase Chrisley’s earnings from his long-running reality TV show, his business ventures, social media endorsements, and brand partnerships, it’s estimated that his net worth is around $2 million as of 2023. While he is not the wealthiest reality TV star, Chase has made a name for himself and managed to accumulate a considerable fortune at a young age.

Future Prospects

As for future prospects, Chase Chrisley continues to be a regular on ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’ His charm and charisma will likely help him secure more brand partnerships and possibly lead to other television opportunities. He is also expected to expand his business ventures, leveraging his popularity and fame to build and grow his entrepreneurial projects.


While Chase Chrisley’s net worth is impressive for his age, his wealth isn’t just the result of his reality TV fame. It is also the outcome of his business acumen, social media savvy, and a knack for seizing opportunities. As he matures, his wealth is likely to increase, given his multiple income streams and his ongoing popularity.

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